Membership Rules


  1. The IFF Network comprises of each member who is on the Membership List.
  2. Members must be privately owned companies, partnerships or corporations, involved in the international freight forwarding industry.
  3. Membership entitles each member to exclusive representation of the IFF within a country, state or an assigned area in which the member is resident and conducts business.
  4.  Members may only represent areas where the office is wholly owned or operated by them, and not just an ‘address’ for cargo handling.
  5. Members may not promote within the IFF (an) office(s), either as a member or not, either wholly or partly owned or not, in any area where a IFF member already exists.
  6. The Application Procedure may be reviewed or modified at any time by the IFF Chairman.
  7. The Annual Membership Fee, which covers one calendar year is payable by each member in accordance with the deadline illustrated on their invoice. In the event that payment is not received on the date given, a € 50 supplement will be applied.
  8. The Annual Membership Fee may be increased at any time during the year (the increase shall not exceed 10% once per year).
  9.  A company shall cease to be a member of the IFF if:
    - the member gives notice of resignation in writing to the IFF Chairman, or:
    - the IFF Chairman considers that the Member is not able to perform fully all the functions and operations required to satisfy other members, or:
    - that they consider that the member has falsely claimed the services, which they are unable to perform, or:
    - the Member does not adhere to the Rules of Membership or Code of Conduct.
  10. Members accept and understand that all transactions are undertaken at their own risk and judgment and that, under no circumstances, can IFF Network be held responsible.
  11.  Members are encouraged to add the IFF logo and name onto their company stationery, including website, letterhead and business cards.
  12. It is preferred that IFF Members do not to belong to, or be actively associated with, any company, group, association or organisation which is deemed by the IFF Chairman to be in competition with IFF and/or its members.  The IFF Chairman reserves the right to expel a member(s) if it is felt that the company is not reciprocating business with IFF members/and or working within the spirit of IFF.

 Associate Membership

  1. New members can become an "Associate Member" in the first year of their membership.
  2. New applicant can get the Associate Membership if:
    1. - there is no IFF representative in their territory
    2. - they fulfill all criterias of memberships, such as:
      1. · active forwarding company
      2. · they should provide good reference from at least 2 (two) other agents they are woking with
      3. · providing copies of company registration documents
      4. · filling up the online application form
      5. · not listed on site of FDRS ( or Freight Deadbeat (
      6. · providing full range of transportation modes (sea, air, road )
      7. · payment of annual fee in advance
  3. Associate Members are listed in our Members Directory under "Associate Members" group.
  4. Associate Members cannot have voting rights within the network.
  5. Associate Members are suggested to pay their bills in advance to their fellow members

Full Membership

  1. Associate Member becomes Full Member if the following criterias are fullfilled at the end of first year:
    1. Nominate at least 10 shipments to other IFF Members in the first year of Membership in order to prove their willingness to be an active member . This must be reported by the end of their first year.
    2. Must attend the first Annual General Meeting of IFF after they join the network
    3.  In case of any payment term agreed with any fellow members, no payment delay is acceptable .
    4. Must give a feedback within 24 hours in case of any inquiry from any fellow member
  2. Full Member is listed in the Members Area under the group "Full Members"
  3. Full Member have voting rights within the network
  4. Full Members are suggested to get 30 days credit term from the fellow members
  5. In case above critarias are not fulfilled by the end of the first year the Membership will be terminated with immediate effect.


  1. Members pledge a standard of competence to his client - to perform in a conscientious, diligent and professional manner all services undertaken on the clients behalf.
  2. Members pledge to hold in strict confidence, all information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and the affairs of his client. No such information is to be released unless authorised by the client, or required by law.
  3. Members are to communicate efficiently and promptly (within a maximum of 24 hours) with their fellow members.
  4. Members are to agree to exchange only nett nett charges and rates to their fellow members.
  5. All payments must be made in the currency that is marked as payable on the invoice.
  6. Members must accept their own bank charges.
  7. If a member fails to pay their invoice to a fellow member within 30 days upon the due date of the invoice, this member will be automatically excluded from the network.
  8. Members must be prepared to dedicate new business within 1 (one) year of joining. Existing long standing relationships are acceptable on the basis that a member may not reciprocate business in those areas. These areas must be specified upon Application.
  9. Members must have internet access and e-mail capability and must be fully protected by anti-virus software.
  10. When a company ceases to be a member, the company must no longer use the name or logo of IFF Network.
  11. All members must attend the Annual Meeting held within the first year of joining (unless there are serious mitigating factors acceptable to the IFF Chairman).
  12. Each member must attend the Annual Meeting. One year’s grace will be given. However, failure to attend two consecutive Annual Meeting’s may result in expulsion (at the discretion of the IFF Chairman).