Membership benefits

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you become a full member of our network:

  1. Exclusive Representation of your country (except USA and China, where we can have max. 3 members): in our network there is only one representative agent in each country (or region in USA and China). That means that all businesses generated by the network and related to your area will be directed to your company. You can expect steadily growing revenue and business opportunity. Besides that you will also receive useful sales leads from the network which support your sales activity.
  2. Annual Meetings: Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet your worldwide partners at one place. Every year we gather together to discuss personally, to exchange ideas and get to know each other. Face to face meetings are important in building trust, and if you participate on our annual event you can save huge travelling expenses. We organize our meetings in large and easily accessible cities of different continent in each year.
  3. Carefully selected and monitored partners: Business with unknown partners could be very risky, especially today. We carefully select our members according to their experience, financial stability and relibility,and we continuosly monitor their activity. Should any payment problem occurs between our members we first offer our neutral arbitration to solve the issue. In case the financial trouble escaletes we provide an alert to our members. Final step is the elimination of the unstable company from the network.
  4. Online payment monitoring system: this online tool helps our members to get update information about the fellow members payment attitude.
  5. Group Discount from Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS), which is  an independent company dedicated to assisting the freight forwarding community in collecting its just debts from those who do not pay.
  6. Access to the Members Area: each member gets access to the Members Area of our website. Here you can find useful information about full contact details of the other members, country specific information. We also encourage our members to provide (in downloadable file) their local costs or any special document which they think useful. This will help you in your quoting activity, as you will be able to give prompt price quotations to your customer.
  7. Unified appearence - larger buying power: larger entities generate bigger volumes, which bring special discounts from the shipping lines and airlines. As a member of the network you can also enjoy these special contract rates, improving your profitability and/or competitivness.
  8. Marketing tools: we help your marketing activity by providing different marketing materials under our network logo, like brochures or promotional giveaways.
  9. Regular newsletters: we regularly prepare and distribute our newsletter by e-mail to our members. Information of the network and important news of the logistic industry are also highlighted in these newsletters.