About Us


Independent Freight Forwarders Network (IFF) was established in order to offer competitive solution for small and medium sized privately owned international freight forwarding companies that are facing the challange of multinational brands.

The concept is simple: select members in each country due to their excellent reputations within the industry, and form a strong alliance which is working in accordance with strict rules and code of conduct.

We are absolutely neutral organization, the head office has no share or involvement in any forwarding company and we do not provide any forwarding activity at all,  but we are providing the administrative management of the network.

Having spent several years in the international freight forwarding business we just realized the importance of the reliable partnerships and worldwide coverage that only a network - like IFF - can provide to local small and medium sized companies. Our mission is to build up a strong alliance, that really could help our members to reach their goals!


Kálmán Középesy - Founder and Chairman of IFF Network